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How To Style Jeans And T-Shirts This Summer

For some people Summer means no jeans, for me, it’s more of that time of the year to think outside the box and try styles I’ve never worn before. Try the casual denim looks and always try to find ways to make them look different. I’m all about the details and every time I know I’m going to be wearing a white t-shirt and jeans, I try to elevate the look with my hair, accessories, make-up and one thing you probably don’t think it’s as important but always makes a huge difference, a good mani and pedi!

Also, wear different jeans from the ones you have possibly worn before. That’s why wide leg jeans, damaged jeans, or just plain jeans, whatever floats your boat is just as perfect with your white Ts. I’m always in the hunt for pieces with good design. Check out these designs, these jeans are different, fun and so chic! They make the perfect pair to stay away from the classic silhouettes.

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