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How To Overcome Body Insecurity When Shopping

As we enter changing seasons, many of us are stepping into our closets and realizing we need some new pieces to update our wardrobes. Now that winter is about over, at least for a lot of us, we can forget about layers of clothing that often covers problem areas and still feel like a million bucks, and choose less fabric this spring and feel equally fabulous!

Why does shopping for clothes have to be so hard? Why do jeans have to be skinny? Why do swimsuits have to have so many cut outs? Why does stepping in front of the dressing room mirror make us sick with dread?

After years of fluctuating weight gain for whatever reasons, having babies and bouncing from maternity clothes to regular clothes, or simply struggling with weight gain or loss, it's hard to determine what really works best for your body type given the fact that clothes are ever changing.

Here are a few tips for overcoming Body Insecurity

Shop Online and Try on at Home

Sometimes trying things in the comfort of your home with pieces you already own and love helps you feel more confident. Online reviews often help to give perspective to whether the outfit will work for your body type.

Take a Shopping Buddy

A second opinion helps when you go shopping, Choose someone who you know, trust, and love when you go shopping, someone with fashion sense. They help you choose clothing that flatters your figure, and decide whether it is worth buying, or if you need a different size. If all else fails, texting a picture to someone also works.

Dress With Your Assets in Mind

It's easy to focus on all our faults and the things we would change about our bodies, but there are qualities we like about ourselves. Find clothing pieces that work to showcase those assets! When you find clothing pieces that works well with your body, make a mental note for the future. What works well for your body type?