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Why You Should Wear A Statement Necklace?

There is truth to what they say “a girl’s gotta have her accessories”. This is why? It is the perfect finishing touch to many of our outfit of the day. It also doesn’t hurt that options are endless, giving you an open invitation to select pieces that cater to your personal style. With that being said, there’s one piece of jewelry we find hard to overlook—the attention-grabbing Statement Necklace.

Consider these 5 reasons as to why you should wear statement necklaces as your reminder to do so:

1. They live up to their name

They wouldn't be considered as making a 'statement' if that wasn't the first impression you get when you see them. These necklaces have a way of telling a story through their unique designs while also allowing you to express who you are visually (no words needed).

2. They start conversations

Don't be surprised if you catch onlookers glancing in your direction. Chances are your necklace and the person sporting it (you) caught their attention. Styles range in size and designs with details that will have others throw questions your way and the conversation going.

3. They make for memorable gifts

Whether it is birthdays, holidays, and other special occasions filling up your calendar, the statement necklace is a standout gift you give to someone to express your appreciation for them. Just a side note; When considering this piece of jewelry, be sure to opt for a design that caters to the gift receivers’ personal taste. You may even have to complete your own style of investigation.

4. They’re the perfect finishing touch

Many can relate to those moments where you feel like your outfit feels unfinished and need something to make it pop and ready. The statement necklace has the power to instantly solve this wardrobe dilemma and give your look the 'pop' it needs.

Style Tip: Pair them with collared shirts and blouses; it’s a go-to option when you want to switch things up a bit and turn your look up a notch.

5. They are fun!

Don't be afraid to experiment with different styles and colors. These necklaces are bold, playful, and can easily convey your personality. And by the way the next time you think about taking a selfie, share the spotlight, and throw one on.'

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