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Stylebook App- Found In Your Smart Phones App Store


20 Ways Stylebook Can Improve Your Wardrobe

The Stylebook closet app has over 90 features to help you organize and manage every aspect of your wardrobe. Building the perfect wardrobe just got easier! Here are a few ideas on how the app can help you every day:

  • Get dressed in five minutes - because you've already saved tons of outfits!

  • See what color is most popular in your closet with the Style Stats tool

  • Find the total value of your wardrobe - then either cry or laugh

  • Search for an outfit based on season

  • Spot lost treasures with the least worn count in Style Stats

  • Save your outfit ideas while waiting for your latte at Starbucks

  • Gain insight into your personal style by keeping all your inspirations in one place

  • Plan what you’re going to wear to work for the next week with the Calendar

  • Make a wish list of your future purchases

  • Plan your tropical vacation packing list while on your lunch break

  • Never wear the same thing twice…as far as anyone knows

  • Learn to pack 30 outfits into one carry-on with our style guide

  • Clean out your closet without even being at home

  • Forget the mall and find exactly what you’re shopping for from your lounge chair with the shopping search tool

  • Look up the last day you wore an outfit…just in case

  • Show the store salesperson a photo of the dress you're trying to find shoes for

  • Discover outfits you didn’t know you had

  • Never lose items in the back of your closet - see your entire wardrobe with Stylebook

  • Avoid accidentally buying similar pieces

  • Add a potential purchase from the shopping feature to test it out with the clothes you already own

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