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I love the most festive time of the year! from sledding and sipping hot cocoa to decorating the house or picking out a Christmas tree, whether inside by a cozy fireplace or outside in the cold, this festive season should have one thing in common; staying warm!

This season's on-trend holiday styles are ideal for a cable knit sweater which is a perfect way to both keep warm and break up a monotonous outfit by layering it between a basic blouse and outerwear pieces. Gravitating toward an oversize dark toned outerwear, like a coat, will let you add layers underneath without looking like you are bursting at the seams. Our men need to stay warm too, although they would never admit to you that they are cold. Cardigans are a good choice and can be paired with anything- from dress shirts and slacks to jeans and tees- and a great way to add extra warmth to an outfit.

When you are picking out gifts for a best friend or significant other, consider pieces that are easy to layer and keep them warm during those upcoming outdoor activities. Cheers!

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